Italialaiskilta etsii ystävyyskiltaa

Doris Stockmann sai pyynnön Italiasta. Onko kiltanne kiinnostunut yhteistyöstä? Oiva mahdollisuus kansainväliseen toimintaan.
Jos kyllä, laittakaa viestiä Paridelle, samoin tieto Dodolle,

Nanna Katavisto

My name is Paride Massari and I am responsible for a group of Adult
Scouts of M.A.S.C.I. - Italian Adult Catholic Scout Movement (ISGF
member), in Italy.

 With my community we would like to start a correspondence with a
reality of adult scouts (similar to ours) of a European country. The
aim is to compare ourselves with experiences similar to ours on howDoris Stockmann sai v
the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development of the UN is implemented
and experienced, on which our Community will work in 2018.

 I would therefore like to get in touch with a group of adult scouts
from european country.
 I ask you for this to find a group available to have an exchange of
mail with us in the period between January and March 2018.

 can you help me?

 Thank you, see you soon

 Paride Massari
 Magister Comunità M.A.S.C.I. - Chieti 1 - Italia
 Tel. + 39 3477821732, +39 3929321210 -