Stamp Bank

In 1965, guild members in Norway decided to collect and sell used stamps in support of Guiding and Scouting in any part of the world. Since then National Scout and Guide Fellowships and Central Branch groups have established national/local Stamp Bank teams to organize the collecting, cutting, sorting out and selling at national level. The proceeds from the sales are being sent to the International Development Fund who provides the practical financial support for Guiding and Scouting.

How to organize a national Stamp Bank?

The individual ISGF member should collect all kind of used stamps, postcards, first day envelopes etc. Such stamps can be collected from the individual members received letters/postcards, from the family and neighbors, from the working place, from shops, from hotels and from any other place that receives some kind of post with stamps.

In the Local Scout and Guide Fellowship (LSGF) there should be a member that is responsible for organizing cutting and sorting out the stamps. It is a very good activity to spend an afternoon or evening with many scissors cutting the stamps off the envelopes – a lot of talking and exchange of ideas and information can be done at the same time!

The National Scout and Guide Fellowship (NSGF) should establish a national Stamp Bank Team to organize the collecting of stamps from the LSGFs and the selling of all the stamps. It differs from country to country which stamps are the most valuable. The leader of the national Stamp Bank Team is called the Stamp Bank manager.

The stamps are sold during Scout/Guide/Fellowship events, exhibitions and auctions. Below is a photo from the ISGF Information tent at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden July 2011.